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Kúkátónón Children’s African Dance Troupe has grown tremendously over the last several
years. What began as an after-school program at Woodlawn School has grown to accommodate children from throughout the Portland Metro Area. 

Our growth has brought:

  • Increased demand by children to participate in our program

  • New efforts to expand service to our community’s youth through new classes and workshops

  • Unmet requests for free or low-cost performances that would raise our children’s self esteem and confidence

    Currently, it takes 100% of our current fundraising efforts, in grant writing and soliciting individual and business contributions and memberships, to cover our program expenses and modest administrative costs. The Kúkátónón Village Circle Membership Program is one of several steps we are taking so we can fully serve our community, and ensure the long-term sustainability of our organization and our program. With your year-to-year, predictable, annual-level of financial support with other Kúkátónón Village Circle Members, we will know that a significant portion of our programs and operational expenses are covered and we will have the foundation on which we grow our future.

To become a member, please print out and complete this linked Kúkátónón Village Circle Membership Form and mail to the address shown. Or click the link to make a secure, online donation today! 

AsantE Sana

(Thank You VERY MUCH)!