Our Mission

Kúkátónón’s mission is to inspire confidence, commitment and vitality among the children in the dance troupe, their families and communities; and to broaden awareness of African and African American cultural traditions throughout Oregon. 

our objectives

1. Broaden awareness of African and African American cultural traditions and foster appreciation and respect for similarities and differences between cultures.

2. Offer participants a practice that inspires happiness and self-confidence.

3. Increase body awareness and physical health of participants.

4. Improve participants’ ability to work as committed members of a team.

5. Teach participants the value of diligent practice and its applications to all things in life.

6. Improve participants’ school attendance and performance.

Our Founders

Rolia Mayongai-Jones


One of our Founding Mothers

Retired Elementary School Teacher

Bio: Mama Rolia Manyongai-Jones was born and raised in rural Liberia, where she was taught traditional dance by the village elders. She completed her B.S. in Education and Health and earned an M.A. in Multi-Cultural Education, and then taught at Woodlawn Elementary School for 25 years. Mama Rolia provides essential elder wisdom and cultural connection for the children in Kúkátónón and her love for the children inspires others to give to and support Kúkátónón, for 35 years!