Board of Directors


Kúkátónón is governed by a volunteer board of 10-14 who typically meet monthly. For more than 30 years, Kúkátónón has managed its modest budget responsibly, with professional services contracted to those with greater expertise.

Kúkátónón's board, staff and artists reflect the diversity of the community we wish to serve. Kúkátónón is strongly committed to cultural diversity and strives to be an organization where leadership at every level reflects the diversity of the population we serve, and the methodology for our programs reflects the culture and traditions of our target population.

Kúkátónón is actively seeking new members for our Board of Directors; to learn more about this contact our Board President, Vice President or Executive Director.

Current Board Roster

DADA SANDRA JOHNSON (President/Treasurer)
Payroll Manager/Pendleton Woolen Mills
Kúkátónón Grandparent
Bio: Sandra had three children that dance for Kúkátónón in the 80’s, and now her granddaughter is in the dance troupe. Sandra is the Payroll Manager for Pendleton Woolen Mills employed over 40 years, she is a Tax Professional working for HR Block for 4 years during tax season. She also maintains the books for her husband’s company Remodeling by Wesley, I guess you can say she loves numbers.

Diversity & HR Consultant, Simpson Consulting
Bio: Shelonda Simpson, is a Portland native military dependent, who was raised abroad, but has had a heart to serve her native community for many years. An administrative healthcare professional by trade, her passion has been best recognized by advocating for, educating, and volunteering in programs that serve the youth in the Portland’s community. Shelonda has a MBA with an emphasis in Leadership. She finds her work in diversity/inclusion/equity education, event planning, and advocacy reinvigorating to her every day purpose. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, recruiting, spending time with her children, and finding the perfect glass of fermented grapes.

Office Support Specialist/LifeWorks NW
Former Kúkátónón dancer
Bio: Monie is a past Troupe member from the 2000's and is currently Secretary of the Board. In addition to giving back to the community, she chooses to serve on the Board because Kúkátónón lifts up girls coming into their womanhood in a positive way. Allowing self-image to be more than what is seen in the media.

Retired Elementary School Teacher
Kúkátónón Founder and Ne'nee'ket'eh
Bio: Ne’nee’ke’teh and Kúkátónón’s founder, Mama Rolia Manyongai-Jones was born and raised in rural Liberia, where she was taught traditional dance by the village elders. She completed her B.S. in Education and Health and earned an M.A. in Multi-Cultural Education, and then taught at Woodlawn Elementary School for 25 years. Mama Rolia provides essential elder wisdom and cultural connection for the children in Kúkátónón and her love for the children inspires others to give to and support Kúkátónón, for 35 years!

Workforce Development Specialist/Mt. Hood Community College
Bio: In refire-ment committed to using my skills, experience and creativity in projects and actions to build a more just, inclusive, diverse community wherever I am.  Worked at Mt. Hood Community College 20 years, Portland Community College 5 years in a variety of economic and workforce development and training programs to serve adults in transition from welfare to work, immigrants and refugees and English language learners to find career and employment opportunities.  Trainer in ESOL in survival, vocational and workplace contexts. High interest and studies in spirituality, dance and arts, fiber arts in diverse cultures.  Founding team member, staff and volunteer of Grace Arts camp which integrates arts and cultures from around the world. Served on board of African Women’s Coalition.

Oregon Department of Human Services
Former Kúkátónón Parent
Bio: LaNae Bowles is a native of Portland Oregon, raised in Southern California.  She has compassion for serving and mentoring community members. I have worked for the last 16 years in the Portland metropolitan area as a manager of operations and service delivery.

Franklin Control System Operator
Bio: Othello is a newly inducted and last recruited Kúkátónón Board Member who has pledged to coordinate with other board members in the improvement of its village and activities of the dance troupe. My passion for culture draws a distinct reflection to my origin and heritage.  Othello is strange to the American environment and has been in Oregon since September 2016. He was opportune to have gotten recruited by Aerotek (Temp Agency) and assigned to work at Franklin Control System, Hillsboro - Oregon.

About the Board

The Board of Directors provide representative leadership and guidance that supports Kúkátónón’s mission, vision, and goals. Main responsibilities of the Board include governance in accordance with Oregon law, fiduciary oversight and fundraising. Additional responsibilities include policy, budgeting, strategic planning, human resources, and board development.

The size and structure of Kúkátónón’s Board varies from year to year. We currently have 10 Directors, including four (4) officers who make up the Executive Committee.  Officer positions include the President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. New Directors can be elected by a majority of sitting Board Directors at any time throughout the year, for a renewable term of three years. Officers are usually elected in late June, and serve a renewable term of one year beginning July 1, although new Directors may join the Board at any time throughout the year. Directors should expect to commit 8-10 hours per month, and Executive Committee Officers should expect to commit 12-15 hours per month.

The full Board meets 10 times per year, typically on Tuesdays from 7:00-8:30 pm. (The day/time is subject to change pending schedules of current and incoming Directors.) Generally, meetings occur more frequently in the spring and less frequently during the summer. Outside of pre-scheduled meetings, Directors check email, read and analyze information, serve on subcommittees, help plan for, manage and attend Kúkátónón events, make at least one financial contribution per fiscal year to the organization, and may also attend other meetings with organization staff.  The Directors have held an annual Board Retreat for the past four years.

Kúkátónón welcomes Director applications from anyone with both a passion for our mission and the time and desire to devote themselves to our cause. Please read over the attached application and return it with news of your interest to


Kúkátónón Committees:

Kúkátónón is supported by the work on our many committees, which are made up of Board members and volunteers from the community. All of our committees are chaired by a Board member, and community members are welcome to join any committee without serving on the Board (with the exception of the Executive Committee).

Check out the committee list below, and if you are interested in attending a community meeting, or learning more about serving on a committee, contact us today!


  • Executive Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Events Committee

  • Fundraising Committee

  • Outreach & Alumni Committee

  • Summer Camp Planning Committee